Purchasing Alpacas


Every purchaser should require a written contract when acquiring any alpaca. A typical contract will call for a veterinarian exam certifying the alpaca’s health at the time of purchase. Other clauses might warrant that a breeding male will, in fact, settle females and that he is not sterile as a condition of birth. A contract for purchase of a female alpaca will often warrant that she is anatomically complete and capable of producing live offspring.

Contracts will specify the financial terms involved and include small details such as who delivers the animals. It is important to know what happens if there is a future problem with the alpaca that you purchase. For instance, a young male could grow up to be sterile. This condition may not be known for one or two years after purchase. Most breeders will agree to replace the animal if this happens.

Contracts are important so that all the elements of a purchase can be accounted for. It is also important to deal with a breeder of good reputation, one who will provide follow-up support. You are making a large purchase when you buy alpacas and it’s important that you feel good about it.

Maple View Farm Alpacas contract terms generally include the following:


  • Financing is available with 25% down, interest free for the first year and prime plus 1% for up to 48 months
  • Payments are due monthly with $50 late fee
  • Buyer must insure alpaca for amount financed, naming Maple View Farm Alpacas as loss payee
  • Financed alpacas will have registration papers transferred into Buyer’s name when paid in full

Other Purchase Terms:

  • Free board up to 120 days
  • Free delivery up to 250 miles for breeding stock
  • ARI transfer fees paid by MVF
  • Cash and multiple purchase discounts available
  • Buyer pays insurance and vet fees
  • Unlimited support, including on farm experience
  • Breeding-quality alpacas come with reproductive and live birth guarantees

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