Getting Started with a Single Alpaca

Many potential alpaca owners would like to begin to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of owning alpacas but do not have the infrastructure (barn, pasture and fencing) purchased or ready to house the animals, and the cost to acquire these may put the dream of alpaca ownership out of their reach for a period of time. In addition, alpacas are herd animals and must be housed in groups, which increases the investment required for new owners as more than one animal must be purchased.

Maple View Farm Alpacas provides a program designed to make alpaca ownership more attainable by lowering the cost of entry. This program permits ownership of a single female alpaca while enjoying the associated financial and emotional benefits and gives the new owner time to establish a permanent farm solution while growing their herd from that single alpaca purchase.

The program is basically an agistment arrangement with some special conditions. Agistment is where, for a small fee, we keep your animals and look after them for you. You get to visit the animals and make all the major decisions relating to your alpacas. Agistment provides a way of reaping the benefits of your investment without the day to day commitment of looking after your animals and is ideal for those investing in one starter animal allowing it to be kept within a herd so it will not be stressed by isolation.

Your alpacas can be bred and increase in number without any additional outlay of your time or your assets for farm facilities. A daily fee includes complete daily care: feeding, minerals, routine well-care inoculations, periodic weight checks and nail trimming. As the owner, you pay for insurance, vet expenses and special services like training, showing, and transporting.

Benefits of Agistment with Maple View Farm Alpacas:

  • Well fenced pastures, good water supply and shade
  • Daily observation highlights any health problems that may arise
  • Smaller herd provides more individualized care and attention
  • Shearing, birthing and inoculations are all taken care of
  • Owner is free to visit and inspect his/her animals at any time
  • Show management, including training, transportation, and showing at shows attended by Maple View Farm Alpacas
  • Assistance in selling animals on a commission basis

Once the alpaca has birthed and weaned a female cria, the new owner’s herd will be ready to be relocated to the owner’s own property or another farm for long term agistment.

This is an exciting program, aimed to enable alpaca ownership. It is an effective way of getting started for those without immediate access to land or adequate infrastructure (barn, pasture and fencing) and is a cost effective way of investing in this emergent industry. If alpaca ownership is in your future, we hope you consider this option.

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